Weather Bulletin: Come Predict the Weather

It’s raining

It’s pouring

The Old Man

Is snoring…

Did you check the weather before you went to work? Go on your smartphone to see what the weather’s going to be for the weekend? Predicting the weather is an arduous task. Not something we do on a daily basis. But what if you wanted to do a little testing on your own? What if you don’t always want to rely on the electronic age to see what’s going on in the atmosphere?

Nasco’s Science Catalog to the rescue!

One of the easiest tools you can use is a barometer. A barometer is an instrument measuring atmospheric pressure. A low level of liquid in a specially-crafted globe means high pressure and fair weather, whereas a high amount of liquid predicts bad weather is on the way. Our Weather Ball Barometer (SB33482) or our Dial Barometer (SB23610) runs the range from simple visuals to calibrations in hPa (hector Pascal) and mm hg.

Checking the temperature can be a visual experience, too. Our Galileo Thermometers ( and SB31402) are based on the design Galileo Galilei created in the 16th century. Colored glass spheres float in a tower of water, each one precision crafted and calibrated within 1/10° Fahrenheit. Want to bring this simple creation into your classroom? Nasco’s SciQuest® Thermometer Wizardry Kit (SB35402) allows student groups to each build a thermometer with floating spheres. We also have a SciQuest® Weather Kit (SB22636), an inquiry-based, idea-centered, hands-on kit that deals with weather phenomena along with the measurement and interpretation of weather data.

Glancing at your own thermometer is allowed, too. We have every kind from a Large Display Round Thermometer (SB42182), to battery-powered Acu-Rite® Barn ThermometerC33709N) that showcases a red barn. We even have sets of Student Thermometers (TB19654, set of 10) that encourage students to jump into the weather game, too.

Have a bare wall you’d like to weather up? How about Weather Extremes Learning Charts Combo Pack (SB47737), that cover everything from lightning to wildfires. Or a 35” x 23” Weather and Climate Poster (SB47602) that shows how climate and weather are related. We have cloud posters (SB23631), cloud charts (SB40703), and a cloud-forming apparatus (SA09059) all at your fingertips. We even have Insta-Snow®  Powder, (C33709N), an amazing, super absorbent powder that turns water into a fluffy substance that looks like real snow!

Okay – maybe you are more of an armchair weatherperson. Nasco has some great books that explain everything you ever wanted to know about weather.  The Weather Basics Book Collection (EL10966) introduces emergent readers (and adults who haven’t a clue) to the basics of weather and captivates them with cool facts and awesome photos showcasing clouds, lightning, rain, snow, twilight, and wind. You can also try  Science Learning Center – Weather & Climate (C33709N) Game to challenge your weather knowledge.

There is no doubt that predicting the weather is a real science. Researchers use physics, environmental science, mathematics, and information technology to interpret huge amounts of oceanic, atmospheric and terrestrial data. While we may not have the time to explore all those facts in order to predict the weather, Nasco has lots of ways to help us predict the simple things in life, like how hot it is outside or if rain is coming. Let us be your Super Duper Weather Bug!

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