Building 101

The space within becomes the reality of the building.      ~Frank Lloyd Wright

The size of a building is only as big as the heart of its creator. And Nasco carries building sets for every age and size of Frank Lloyd wannabes.

How about our Jumbo Cardboard Block Deluxe Set (SB41803 for 40 pieces), made of a strong, heavy grade cardboard? Our Wonder Foam® Blocks™ (SB19352 for 68 blocks) are colorful, soft, and lightweight? And our Play Brix™ (SB41383) are made from corrugated cardboard and printed with a water-resistant coating.

Want to take your building to the next level? Nasco has a huge selection of KNEX® Building Sets to test your creativity and techniques. The Energy, Motion & Aeronautics Set (SB48251) encourages you to build 9 models including an airplane with controls; The Real Bridge Building Set (SB37491) demonstrates 7 key bridge types including an arch, beam, and cantilever; and the huge Simple Machines Deluxe Set (SB30189) includes one 12-volt motor to building 60 fully-functioning models including the 5 foot tall Big Ball Factory.

We have fun marble runs you can build too! The Marble Run Construction Game with 88 pieces (SB19677), Techno Gears Marble Mania Zoomerang (EL14677),  or Mania Extreme 4.0 (EL16110) that will keep builders busy for hours by creating moving and working creations. Try Quadrilla Marble Run – Vertigo (EL11161) with 134 pieces that can create high-speed raceways and twisting funnels or the Quadrilla Autobahn Marble Run (EL12514) with 175 pieces.

How about going on a trip? We have delightful wooden train sets you can track all around your room: the Wooden Train Set (SB39018, 100 pcs.) has a variety of tracks, creating a different configuration every time you build it. You can also try the Wooden Mountain Railway Train Set with 112 pieces (EL11881), the Wooden Railway Transportation Train Set with 124 pieces, (EL11882), or the Wooden Railway Freight Train Set with 130 pieces (EL11883) to get your train fix.

Then there are the variety of building components that dazzle the fingers and the mind. Take a look at  Superstructs Wacky Machine Set (EL11911) that builds seven different zany machines; or perhaps Linkazoo!™ (EL10841) that lets you construct endless animal formations that will defy both gravity and the laws of nature.

You are never too young or too old to improve your cognitive skills, expand your creativity, and to plain have fun. Building the buildings of tomorrow keeps your mind sharp and your patience under control. Let Nasco help you have fun all the way.

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