Map Your Way Around the World

Round and Round, Floor Flat, or Wall Scape – how do you see your world?

The circumference of the Earth is 24,901 miles. With all the countries and biomes between here and there and around and around, why not check out Nasco’s maps, puzzles, and wall hangings?

The Wonder Foam® USA Foam Floor Puzzle (SB41699J) spreads out to 48” W x 30” H, and includes 50 state pieces, 16 punch-out landmarks, five great lakes, and two interlocking bars to attach to Alaska and Hawaii. We also have  Kids Value U.S.A. Rugs (Z48189(B) ), which measures 4 ft. x 6 ft., which shows all 50 states in bright colors.

Maybe a spinaroonie on a globe is more your style. The Adventurer Globe (SB39256M), geared to the very young, is a 12″ dia. simplified political globe which includes raised-relief, distinctive colored boundaries; easy-to-find geographic locations; and a durable, translucent, blue molded plastic. Or maybe one of Nasco’s best sellers, the Pioneer Globe (SB16464M). It’s a 12” political globe with mounting that swings up and down for better viewing.

Provoke your imagination in new ways with Nasco’s Day/Night Globe (SB50412M). The day globe shows the striking colors of a blue ocean political map when not lit. Turn the light on and witness the incredible change to the sky at night as it transitions into a night globe naming and depicting 88 constellations and more than 35 of the brightest stars.

How about some toss-around worlds to encourage learning?

Our Topographical Inflatable Globes (SB49723M for 12” dia., SB49724M for 16” dia., and SB49725 for a 27” dia.) are beautiful physical globes that show the Earth with natural topographical covering and a dark blue ocean.

Maybe a big poster map is what you need to fill out that classroom wall. We have those, too!

Our 39” x 21” framed Geophysical World Relief Map (SB13774M) is a large, full-color, raised-relief map showing land areas in relief and accurate color, with political boundaries and ocean features highlighted. We also showcase a Laminated Poster Map in either U.S.A. mode (SB49728M) or World mode (SB49729M). Both highlight political boundaries, highways, cities, capitals, rivers, and more.

And for those who want to map the stars, Nasco features a number of celestial globes. Our unusual, two-way illuminated Constellation Globe (SB28577M) is sure to stimulate discussion and curiosity both in the classroom and at home. Turn the light off and brilliant lithography delineates the firmament’s stars, constellations, and nebulae; turn the light on and witness the luminous beauty of over 70 celestial images.

Or perhaps a 12-inch diameter Transparent Celestial Globe (SA02872M), a star globe surrounding a 4-inch diameter Earth globe mounted within the sphere. This magnificent globe is designed to show positions of the stars at any given time and date as seen from any location on Earth. It is essentially a three-dimensional star finder; observations are Earth-centered; therefore, Earth is located in the center of the globe.

Maps not only tell you where you’ve been, but where you’re going. Explore the world around you, starting with Nasco globes, maps, and posters.



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