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eq5p54Math can be a complicated subject. Even the best of students may get stuck trying to understand certain concepts. Nasco has downloadable Math Lesson Plans to help teachers work with students of all levels. Often created by teachers for teachers, these free PDF MathWorks Lesson Plans are engaging lesson plans for all grade levels that fit the changing needs of today’s students.

Here is a sample of our downloadable PDFs:

Using Ten Frames for Algebraic Equations Up to 20 — Applies basic algebraic principles to addition problems, creates fact families with the given digits, and manipulates ten frames to solve addition problems with missing addends.

Using Geo Stix to Determine Angle Measure of Triangles — Students will be able to prove that the three angles in all triangles add up to 180 degrees, be able to examine a wide variety of triangles and measure each of their angle measures, and be able to categorized triangles according to angle measures.

Dealing Up Determinants – This lesson will help students find value of determinants, find inverses of 2×2 matrices, and solve 3×3 determinants using diagonals.

Pancakes and Pi — Students will better understand the meaning of the mathematical number π. They will have the opportunity to see the spatial relationship between the diameter and circumference of all circles no matter what the size. They will be able to measure the diameter and the circumference of a circle.

Calculating Wages…How Much Will You Make? — Objectives for Pre-Algebra include modeling, writing, and solving two-step linear equations using a variety of methods, and using the basic operations on rational numbers to solve problems in real-life situations (e.g. describe the effect of multiplying a whole number by a fraction or a decimal less than 1). Algebra I level includes distinguishing between relations and functions, evaluate a function using tables, equations, or graphs, and match appropriate equations or inequalities (with 1 or 2 variables) to a graph, table, or situation and vice versa.

Using Technology to Teach Parallel Lines with Transversals – This lesson plan explores the relationships between angles formed by two lines cut by a transversal when lines are and are not parallel. Use results to develop methods to show parallelism.

Coordinating a Shape’s Area and Perimeter — Students will construct various shapes on their geoboards given specific coordinates, be able to calculate both the area and the perimeter of each polygon, and create their own shapes given specific parameters.

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