To Bead or Not to Bead

BeadsNothing says Spring like new jewelry! And nothing is more satisfying than making your own. That’s where Nasco’s Arts & Crafts catalog comes in. We are bursting with all the materials you need to make your one-of-a-kind artwork.

Start with the basics. Necklace? How about a nice black cord? We carry Stretch Magic® Black Silkies® cord with clasps (9729623), Necklace Kit Group Pack (9726849), or just the cord itself (9723727). Need chain? We have individual 18” chains in silver (5400137) and gold (9737807), or Remembrance® Necklace Memory Wire (9721281).

Next comes clasps. Nasco carries everything from Toggles (9729927) to Barrel Clasps (4400296) to a Findings Starter Kit (9730912) that includes lobster claws, fishhooks, and pin backs.

Making a bracelet? How aboutRemembrance® Bracelet Memory Wire (9721279), Beadalon® Elasticity™ Bead Cord (9730320), Stretch Magic® Clear Jewelry Cord (9717623(A)), or Hemp Craft Cord in several different colors (9727066(A) through   (9727066(G))? Any and all materials make great backdrops for the décor you create.

Now comes the hard part. Beads, Spacers, and Charms, Oh My! Nasco has so many choices it’s hard to pick just one. We carry an amazing array of glass beads, plastic beads, metal beads, porcelain beads, and wooden beads.

Let’s start with glass beads. There are Glass Foil Beads (9727850), Chevron Glass Beads (9727851), Fancy Lampwork Beads (9722730), and Fancy Italian Beads (9727848). Or try Metallic Accent Glass Bead Assortment (9736027), Furnace Accent Glass Bead Assortment (9736031), or our Millefiori Bead Mix (9722729).

Then there are plastic beads, everything from fancy to simple. How about Exotic Beads (9729081), Pony Beads (Translucent 9714995, Neon 9715984, Jelly Sparkle 9726409 or Metallic Beads 9723720), just to name of few. We also carry Alphabet Beads (9723001), Faceted Multicolored Crystal Beads (9727987), and Energy Beads (9733649) that change color when you step into the sunlight!

Metal. Everyone needs a little metal charm to dangle from your jewelry. We carry an Antique Metal Bead Mix (9727846), a Silver Metal Bead Mix (9727849), Chinese Coin Assortment (9724481), or Metal Charm Assortment (9725395).

Seed Beads? Of course! Nasco has a Multi-Seed Bead Assortment (9704758); a Multicolor Bulk Glass Bead Assortment (9716485); and Bead Box Sets in Pearl (9732798), Neon and Glow (9732792), or Soft Rainbow (9732794), to name just a few. And no accessory is complete without a little bling.  Try  silver-Lined “E” Beads (9721558). Assorted Luster Pearls (9724966),

That brings us to those of us who can’t quite decide what we want. How about a kit? Nasco has an abundance of mixtures to make your choosing a breeze. We have a Multi Seed Bead Assortment with over 20,000 beads (9704758); a Glass Bead Potpourri which includes seed, rocaille, and bugle beads (9731940); Steampunk Art Components Kit, which blends modern ideas and technology designs with those of the past (9731780); Nasco’s Bucket O’ Beads and Charms which contains over 6,500 plastic beads, charms, and other surprises, plus 1,350 feet of nylon cording (9718093); the Bead Treasure Box, which contains 12 buckets of assorted colored beads, along with beading thread (9716192); and Nasco’s Ultimate Hemp Pack, which contains enough materials for up to 30 people to make hemp necklaces, bracelets, and anklets (9729231).

Can’t make a decision? Why not look through our marvelous collection online at , or better yet, order an Arts & Crafts catalog and make your creative dreams come true!

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