Duck Tape’s Not What It Used To Be!

duct tapeJune 17-19, 2016, is the 13th Annual Duck Tape® Festival in Avon, Ohio. The free festival features games, food, rides, a parade with giant floats made from duct tape, a crafts tent and a duct tape fashion show.

So whether you live near or far from this people-packed festival, why not check out Nasco’s varieties of Duck Tape®?

There used to be a time that only basic silver was the tape of choice. Our General Purpose Duck Tape (9732362) will take care of that. But how about colors? There are 18 solid colors to choose from, including Violet 9730034(E), Baby Pink 9730034(Q), Blue (9730034(H), Yellow 9730034(D), and You’re A Sage 9730034(U). Nasco also carries Neon colors in Pink 9736285(A), Lime Green 9736285(C), Orange 9736285(D), and Yellow 9736285(B), plus a special Glow-in-the-Dark Mini Duct Tape (9733606) that glows for up to three hours.

Patterns. Have we got patterns.

Our heavy-duty, rubber-based adhesive tape can be used on multiple surfaces such as cloth, vinyl, leather, and plastic. Try such designs as  Digital Camouflage™ (9729769), Checkers (9731738), Mustaches (9732343), Retro Owls (9732357), Sunset Strip (9738019), Hanker for an Anchor (9738024), Gummy Bears (9735688), or Forest Friends (9738034) to name just a few.

Add fun and flair to your craft projects with Duck Washi® Crafting Tape. Designs include Purple Chevron 9734475(A), Flirty Floral 9734475(B), or Blue Stripe 9734475(F),

Duck Tape® also comes in sheets for your creative fantasies. Nasco carries some incredible packs of 8-1/2” x 10” sheets, including Black 9736292(A), Light Blue 9736292(N),  Polka Dot (9740847), Leopard 9736292(W), and Rainbow 9736292(AA).

Come on! Get creative! Maybe it doesn’t have to be a parade float, but make a purse, a sculpture, a sign out of Duck Tape®! The possibilities are endless!

You can find tape and hundreds of other fun craft materials at

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