Magic Carpet Ride

Some of the most colorful ways to learn about our world are rugs and carpets. No longer just for classrooms, Nasco‘s room-size rugs may be just what your bedroom or rec room needs. The great thing, too, is that most of these suggestions come in various sizes and shapes.

Learning the alphabet can be fun and bright with our huge selection of alphabet rugs. Start with our Alphabet Carpet (Z47532J) that shows word, letter, and picture associations using clearly identifiable fonts. The alphabet also comes to you in the form of a Bright Alphabet Circletime Rug (Oval, Z46736J), Bright A to Z Animals Alphabet Rug (Rectangle, Z41598J), Natural A to Z Animals Rug (Rectangle, Z47891J), Owl-phabet Tree Rug (Rectangle, Z47201J), and Sunny Day Learn & Play Rug (Oval, Z30685J). We also showcase insects with our Back to Nature™ Ladybug & Alphabet Carpet (Rectangle, Z47395J), the Butterfly Fun Rug (Rectangle, Z49314J), and the Caterpillar Rug (Oval, Z49233J).

Looking for a carpet to stimulate young ones? How about the Toddler Blocks Rug (Rectangle, Z46149J), a Bright Animal Sounds Toddler Rug (Rectangle, Z46297J), or a Natural Animal Sounds Toddler Rug (Rectangle, Z47881J)?

Nasco carries a world of squares and circles, too! You can’t go wrong in a classroom or downstairs playroom with any of our bright rugs, including a Peaceful Tropical Night Rug (Rectangle, Z49242J), a Bright Rhyme Time Rug (Rectangle, Z45456J), Primary Colors Seating Squares Rug (Rectangle, Z47886J), Nature’s Colors Seating Rug (Rectangle, Z47198J), or a Sequential Seating Literacy Rug (Rectangle, Z49251J).

A child’s playtime dream can be found with racing rugs from Nasco. Try the Crusin’ Around the Town Rug (Rectangle, Z45448J), Transportation Fun Rug (Rectangle, Z49258J),  or a Super Speedway Race Track Rug (Rectangle, Z48168J).

A child’s rug can educate while holding in the warmth of a room, too. Why not do some exploring with a Neighborhood Rug (Rectangle, Z49256J), Give the Planet a Hug™ Rug (Rectangle, Z45459J), a World Explorer Rug (Rectangle, Z16077J), a Discover America Rug (Rectangle, Z16138J), or a USA Map Rug (Rectangle, Z48189(B)J)?

Or how about flowers, fish, and monsters?

How can you resist the Alphabet Monster Rug (Rectangle, Z49147J); Fishing for Literacy Rug (Oval, Z41608J); a Garden Time Rug (Rectangle, Z47203(B)J); Ladybug Circletime Alphabet Rug (Oval, Z49238J); or a kid and teacher’s favorite, a Rainbow Rows Rug (Semi-circle, Z46198J)? We also have a bright Cutie Jungle Rug™ (Rectangle, Z49432J), and a Cutie Barnyard Rug™ (Rectangle, Z49434J).

Many of our rugs are bilingual, too. Try the Bilingual Circle Time Carpet (Oval, Z46101J) or the Bilingual Paint by Numero Carpet (Z40559J).

Nasco’s Early Learning Catalog has dozens of other rug ideas and styles for you to choose from. Nasco’s quality rugs are stain-resistant and highly durable, and most are shipped by truck right to your house or school. See how much fun sitting can be!



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