Rekenreks to the Rescue!

AC165568PTeachers, Tutors, Home School Parents…Lend Me Your Rekenrek!

The Rekenrek is a unique tool that allows children to develop number sense at their own pace.  The beads alternate from red to white every five beads, inviting students to think in groups of five and ten, helping build number relationships that lead to more advanced strategies.

Nasco has all the Rekenreks your classroom – or single student – needs!

Demonstrate methods with our big 36” L Teacher Rekenrek Demonstration Counting Frame (TB22820T) or the One Bar Teacher Demonstration Rekenrek (TB22806T), ideal for counting activities and demonstrations. A Ten-Bar Teacher Demonstration Rekenrek (TB22815T) is useful for demonstrating counts up to 100. The upper five bars have five red beads on the left and five white on the right; the lower bars are contrasting five white on the left and five red on the right.

Once you demonstrate the method, supply your students with their own Rekenrek. We carry Individual Student Rekenreks with Plastic Frames (TB26259T); Individual Student Rekenreks (TB22807T); and Individual Student Rekenrek Counting Frames with Blockers (TB25313T) that include write-on/wipe-off panels that can be used to hide the beads. Both sets include downloadable MathWorks Lesson Plans Volume 1 and Volume 2 online.

Classroom Sets are an easy way for everyone to learn at one time. How about Nasco’s Rekenrek with Blocker Classroom Kit (TB25764T)? This set includes 30 student Rekenreks up to 20 with write-on/wipe-off panels and one teacher demonstration counting frame with a write-on/wipe-off panel. Or Nasco’s Rekenrek Classroom Kit (TB25686T) which includes 30 student Rekenreks up to 20 (no write on/wipe off panel) and one teacher demonstration counting frame with a write-on/wipe-off panel.

Or get students excited about the Rekenrek by having them build their own! Nasco’s Student Rekenrek Classroom Kit (TB25940T) includes everything you need to make any size Rekenrek, including 1,000 red and 1,000 white beads.

If the whole concept of Rekenreks is new to you, Nasco provides plenty of assistance, too. Learning to Think Mathematically with the Rekenrek (TB24140T) provides teachers with a theoretical basis and practical knowledge. Reasoning with the Rekenrek (TB23366T) discusses the Rekenrek’s practical use and how to build number sense and strategies. And Learning to Think Mathematically with the Rekenrek: Supplemental Activities (TB26680T) provides 14 different exercise sets that help develop early number sense.

Rekenreks are here to stay, so make your way to Nasco’s Math Catalog for all your Rekenrek needs.

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