TearPads™ Exclusively from Nasco!

TearPad2TearPads™, created by Nasco, are learning sheets chocked full of information and images, making their subject matter more appealing to students and teachers alike. Whether it’s Science, Math, Nutrition, or Arts & Crafts, Nasco has over 50 TearPads™ available in areas like nutrition, science, and crafts.

Nasco Fingerprint TearPads™ – Set of 3 (SB50307M).

It’s CSI in the classroom! Includes a set of three TearPads™ with fingerprint patterns (whorl, loop, and arch) on the front and a maze and word search on the back. TearPads™ have 50 sheets each and measure 8-1/2” x 11”.

Nasco’s Animal Comparison TearPads™ – Set of 3 (SB51707M).

This TearPad™ shows the poster on the front and a crossword and word search on the back. Posters show common animals found in the wild, along with their tracks and scat to make identification easier. Includes one TearPad™ each of Carnivores, Omnivores, and Herbivores. TearPads™ have 50 sheets each and measure 8-1/2” x 11”.

MyPlate TearPad™/Place Mats (WA29394).

The TearPad™ front shows the MyPlate image with appropriate food choices in each spot on the plate, while the back has simple fill-in-the-blank questions to use as a study guide or reminder for those learning good nutrition. Can be used as a place mat when the group eats a nutritious meal and answers the questions on the back while waiting to be served. Copyright 2011. TearPad™ has 50 sheets and measures 11” x 17”.

Nasco’s Healthy Kids TearPad™ (WA33079).

The front side features meal plans for 1,400, 1,600, and 1,800 daily calorie intakes for children ranging from 3-8 years old. It also encourages children to get enough physical activity, sleep, and water. The back side contains children’s snack tips. TearPad™ has 50 sheets and measures 8-1/2” x 11”.

Nasco’s Dreamcatcher TearPad™ (9733620).

Combine art and cultural studies by having your students create their very own dream-catcher! According to Native American legend, the dreamcatcher will catch bad dreams in its web, while pleasant dreams will pass through the hole in its center. TearPad™ discusses the history of the dreamcatcher and provides instructions on how students can make their own. Double-sided. TearPad™ has 50 sheets and measures 11” x 17”.

Nasco’s Math Practice Table TearPad™ – Multiplication (TB25948B).

Excellent way to both practice and reinforce multiplication tables. The act of filling in the squares will help students remember their facts. Double-sided. TearPad™ has 50 sheets and measures 8-1/2” x 11”.

Carb Counting Nasco TearPad™ (WA26778U).

Finally, a large Nasco TearPad™ that  patients and students can read! These sheets have foods from each of the food groups as well as fats and sweets displayed as examples of one-carb servings with information identifying about 15 grams as being one carb unit. The back gives general information about counting carbs. There is a place to personalize directions, too. The Nasco TearPad™ has ample room to record food intake for a week. Also includes handy symbols for hand equivalents of 1 cup, 3 oz., 1 oz., 1 tsp., and more. TearPad™ has 50 sheets and measures 11” x 17”.

Nasco’s Calligraphy TearPad™ (9736478).

Handy resource for introducing beginners to calligraphy. The front side of this TearPad™ discusses calligraphic tools, things to remember about calligraphy, terminology, and a how-to guide for making each letter easily and correctly. The back side has the upper- and lowercase Old English calligraphic alphabet for reference and space for practicing calligraphy. The lines are labeled with calligraphic terminology and are drawn over a simulated newspaper that shows how newspaper columns can help to size letters. TearPad™ has 50 sheets and measures 11” x 17”.

Nasco’s Art By Choice® TearPad™ (9731053).

For your STEM curriculum. By Diana J. Avergon, M.A. and Eugene B. Avergon, M.A. Students can choose a famous building and explore its history and the geometric shapes that went into its design. Front side discusses different geometric shapes and shows their connection to various buildings around the world, while the back side asks guiding questions about the selected building and provides space for students to write and sketch their answers. Copyright 2011. TearPad™ has 50 sheets and measures 11” x 17”.

Red Carpet Fashion Design TearPad™ (9733656).

Fashion Design 101 with simple drawings, fabric, texture, shape, and line! Discuss the basics and have students create their own fashion statement with designs on this double-sided sheet. They can use magazine pictures or fabric swatches and a complete color palette, along with their original design sketch.  TearPad™ has 50 sheets and measures 11” x 17”.

Be sure to check the Nasco Website (enasco.com) for a complete selection of TearPads™ for your classroom needs!

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