Science and STEM


Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics.

In our economy, a quality education for all students is necessary to prepare them to prosper in work and in life. The ultimate goal of STEM education is to encourage students to take an interest in STEM subjects at an early age. This should be beneficial to them when they enter the job market, and in turn it should benefit the economy as a whole.

Nasco’s dedication to STEM projects and plans encourages growth in all sciences. And with our free STEMWorks Activities and Lesson Plans, education makes more sense to both teachers and students.

Here is a sample of our free Science STEM Lesson Plans:

Science Lesson Plan Volume 3: CO2 Effects in the Lungs.

Explore the function of the respiratory system, gain concept of the respiratory process, and be able to explain how gases are exchanged between the lungs and the bloodstream.

Science Lesson Plan Volume 5: Factors Affecting Bridge Strength.

Create two geometric shapes (square and triangle) to determine which is more stable; relate examples of bridges they have seen; describe the example, draw a picture of it, and learn the names of the three main types of bridges; apply their knowledge of geometric shapes to design a truss bridge; and more.

Science Lesson Plan Volume 6: Why Do We Only See One Side of the Moon from Earth?

Observe the earth/moon relationship, develop concept of rotation vs. revolution, and develop concept of why we see only one side of the moon.

Science Lesson Plan Volume 8: Animal Track Stamp Stories.

Develop a basic understanding of adaptation; integrate science, reading, writing, and reasoning skills; and understand the concept of predator and prey.

Science Lesson Plan Volume 10: Cheek Cell Slides.

Observe the basic structure of a human cell and be able to identify an animal cell by its structure.

Science Lesson Plan Volume 11: Diffusion/Passive Transport.

Observe and be able to explain diffusion and passive transport, and be able to determine the difference between a cell wall and cell membrane.

Science Lesson Plan Volume 12: Giant Flowering Plants.

Observe pictures of a number of flowering plants, learn vocabulary naming the parts of the flower, and create a giant model of a flowering plant and label it.

All Nasco Science Lessons come with a list of materials needed, an activity sheet, and a list of products that can be ordered online.

Our Nasco Science website has plenty of Science products that will help you meet the Science needs of today’s students. And all STEM-marked products and lesson plans meet STEM curriculum requirements.

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