Never Too Young to Learn Manners

You are never too young to learn social skills. Help children make sense of the “rules” when it comes to emotions and manners with friendly reminders from Nasco’s Early Learning catalog.

Help children recognize different emotions and the facial and body language that go with them with the Know Your Emotions Book Collection (EL10980J). This set of 4 books includes Worry Is, Angry Is, Sad Is, and Scared Is. The First Time Book Series (EL12345J) helps make new experiences enjoyable and rewarding. Set of 8 books includes Vet, Doctor, Hospital, Dentist, School, Sports Day, School Trip, and Performance.

Explore manners concepts with monster friends in the book set Monster Knows Manners (EL11625J). The four books include Monster Knows Please and Thank You, Monster Knows Table Manners, Monster Knows I’m Sorry, and Monster Knows Excuse Me. If children ever wonder why we need to whisper in the library, raise a hand in class, or eat with our mouths closed, our Way to Be! Manners Book Collection (EL10982J) explains it all in easy-to-read pages. The set of 10 books include Manners in the Lunch Room, Manners at a Friend’s House, Manners on the Playground, Manners in Public, and more. And Our Emotions and Behavior Book Set (EL11692J) helps children understand how their emotions and actions are related and how they can learn to manage both. The 8-book collection includes I’m Not Happy, Who Feels Scared?, But What If?, I Didn’t Do It, and more.

Curriculum books for teachers always help take the stress out of teaching social skills. The Kindness Curriculum (EL12682J) helps teachers stop bullying before it starts by reinforcing values of compassion, conflict resolution, respect, and other important social values. And Social Skills Matter! (EL12682J) includes over 80 reproducible mini-books for children to assemble, color, read, and make their own, covering topics such as school-day behavior, making good choices, and behavior management.

Sometimes you need a silent response to a child’s emotions.  Our Emotion Stones (EL11878) Beautifully crafted tactile stones are engraved with faces showing 12 common emotions. And our  Children  write down what’s bothering them, then zip them up in the Worry Eaters  (EL14002).

Good manners and healthy emotional expression is a key to the next generation’s success. You can find more social skills learning tools on our Early Education website . And if you have questions about any of our products, feel free to call our friendly Customer Service Department at 1.800.558.9595, or visit our website at

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