Celebrate National Chemistry Week

1dacff80d6deff4599652d5c2b00d0c4-copy“I would tell you a chemistry joke…but all the good ones ARgon…”

So goes the world of Chemistry in general and the Periodic Table of Elements in particular.

October 16-22, 2016 is National Chemistry Week. Local schools, businesses, and organizations all work to promote the value of chemistry in everyday life. From Ac (Actinium) to Zr (Zirconium), the world of elements can baffle the most curious of students. Nasco has a number of products that take these baffling elements and puts them into practical, eye-catching use.

Let’s start with the Photographic Periodic Table (SB43808M). This beautifully photographed periodic table adheres to strict scientific accuracy, but its focus is inspirational rather than strictly informational. The samples have been carefully chosen to represent the diversity of each element. Measuring 53” x 27”, the reverse side includes greater technical data along with brief descriptions. The Periodic Table in Earth and Sky Poster (SB37494M) features 117 color photos and graphics, showing samples of minerals and crystals for elements. Includes element symbols, atomic numbers and weights, electron figurations, and more. The Periodic Element Chart (SB16425M) measures 24” x 36”, and is a seven-color depiction of the modern periodic table with 114 elements.

Our Giant-Sized Periodic Table (SA05540M) makes teaching more effective in larger classrooms and lecture halls. It measures 96” x 48”, and its three-color printing ensures maximum visibility. Our 3-D Periodic Table (SB46735M) measures 22” x 11”, and is the first and only lenticular 3-D photographic periodic table of the elements. A beautiful 3-D photo of the element represents each element, with detailed descriptions on the back.

For those who cannot get enough of the Periodic Table, or want to delve deeper into its fascinating world, Nasco carries two different sets of DVDs for your viewing pleasure. The Periodic Table for Students Series (SB42359M) examines the relationship between atomic structure and the properties of matter. The five-volume set includes Atomic Structure and the Periodic Table, The History of the Periodic Table, Properties of Compounds, Properties of Elements, and Using the Periodic Table. The Periodic Table of Elements 5-Pack DVD Series (SB41287M) examines the role of the elements in our daily lives, including exploring alkali metals, alkaline-earth metals, and transition metals.

You can find more information about Chemistry, the Periodic Table of Elements, and Science in general on our website, enasco.com.



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