Celebrate International Artists Day With Nasco!

000_3666According to Days of the Year Calendar, International Artists Day honors those creative souls that leave a record of today for the future that can’t be captured in history books. The anguish and joy of the human soul is portrayed through the haunting tones of a melody, the violence and fury caught in a photograph, or the serene gaze of a statue staring off into eternity.

Because of the importance of the Arts to families, students, and teachers, Nasco encourages the diversity of creativity with basics anyone can afford.

Paint. Our website showcases over 5,673 paint products which include acrylics (acrylic resin), encaustic (wax colors fixed with heat), inks (alcohol-based), gouache (gum-based watercolors), tempera (egg- water or egg-oil based), watercolors (water-based), and oils (oil-based).

Canvas. All sizes and styles are available at Nasco. You can try gesso board (premium high-density hardboard panel), canvas board (closely woven artist canvas), canvas pads and paper (made from real artist canvas), stretched canvas (stretched cotton duck canvas), and unprimed cotton canvas (stretch your own).

Brushes. Over 1,824 individual, styles, and sets await you: natural bristle (animal hair), synthetic bristle (nylon and/or polyester), camel hair (soft animal hair), chungking (long, deep flags), hake (oriental-style wash brush on a long flat handle), sable (kolinsky hair),  taklon (thermoplastic polyester that mimics sable), watercolor (hair and synthetic), assorted brush sets, and more.

Paper. Every artist needs paper for sketching, painting, and drawing. You can find Bristol board, construction paper, sketchbooks and drawing pads, charcoal paper, illustration board, watercolor paper, drawing paper, newsprint, card stock, mixed media boards, and more.

How do you make your creative mark? It’s hard to choose your medium with over 2,300 pencils, pens, and markers that meet your every desire. Try calligraphy pens, colored pencils, chalk, crayonsmarkers, charcoal and graphite sticks, pastels, and dozens of pen colors and styles.

Ceramics.  From kilns, pottery wheels, bisque, and firing clay, to glazes, Nasco has your ceramic classes covered.

Art is not only about painting and drawing – it’s about crafts of all styles and properties. Decorative crafts, sculpture, chenille stem art, bookmaking, basket making, beadsPapier-Mâché, candle and soap making, decoupage, latch hooking, macramé, jewelry making, leather crafts – the possibilities are endless.0

Nasco carries a great selection of projects, materials, and books for every aspect of an artist’s career. Come check us out at enasco.com and find just what you need to make your International Art Day an International Art Year!

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