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Now that cooler days are coming, most of us are settling into the routine of getting and staying warmer until spring. Happy to say, Nasco has been warming up its stock and deals, too!

One way to keep on top of our sales and specials is to sign up on one of our Facebook pages. Our information stretches out into Education, Arts & Crafts, Farm & Ranch, and Healthcare. Just go to our website and follow the   button and sign up! We always welcome your thoughts, contributions, and suggestions on how to make your school and home world easier, faster, and more fun. Facebook is one way to keep in touch.

Another way to keep up on what’s going on in the Nasco World is to check out our Website. Both the main site and individual catalogs broadcast their specials on their front page, along with celebrations and sales and free shipping. Just click the catalog you’re interested in and come explore our diversity and individuality.

Still want to be up-to-date? Keep up with our ever changing and developing sales landscape is to sign up to receive our e-mails. It’s simple and precise. Just follow the link on our home page (or follow this one: Nasco E-Mails) and choose just the areas that interest you. Our mailing lists cover every field from farmers to lab technicians to sculptors to P.E. coaches, all individualized to your field and budget. Nasco never sells our addresses to third parties, and will not fill up your mailbox from week to week.

Nasco is changing and growing and developing, and so are you. Check into our social media sites any time and bring our catalogs into your home electronically!

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