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coins-currency-investment-insurance-128867It’s getting to be that season again – the season of spending more than we have. Why not teach children at an early age the plusses and pitfalls of money and credit?

Nasco’s Math catalog has everything you need to teach students all they need to know about dimes, quarters, dollar bills, and checking accounts.

Let’s start with the basics.

How Do We Use Money: Book Set (TB26486T) teaches children how to earn money and spend it wisely. This four-book set includes Understanding Credit; Earning Income; Budgeting, Spending, and Saving; and Growing Your Money.  Nasco’s Checkbook Charlie (TB25956T) combines math skills with life skills as students balance checkbooks and help “Checkbook Charlie” set up his post-graduate life. Bills, Budgets, and Bank Accounts Activity Unit (WA25376T) contains 22 current activities that let your students use their math, thinking, reading, and writing skills in helping “Cary Cash” with his personal finances. And Life Project (TB17850T) prepares students for the adult world of personal finance, including banking, budgeting, paying bills, income taxes, and more.

Games can teach life lessons while encouraging fun and freethinking. Real-World Math: Unexpected Events Game (TB24381T) starts players with a checking account balance of $100, and as they go through the game, must budget for expected (and unexpected) experiences. Money Bags™: A Coin Value Game (SB29582T) teaches valuable money skills while students collect, count, and exchange money all the way to the finish line. Managing My Allowance (WA26415T) teaches players to use coins and bills to pay for purchases, compute change, handle allowances and gifts, and make deposits. Discount (TB25647T) players face over 400 real-life challenges as they purchase furniture, clothing, and appliances. And who can forget the popular standards The Game of Life® (WA35080T) or Pay Day® (SN01403T)? Both games teach you about earning and spending money.

And nothing beats learning about money than money itself! Nasco carries all sorts of play money including a Money Classroom Kit (TB23342T), Complete Set of 500 Bills (TB18722T), Paper Bill Set (TB20560T), Mixed Coins (TB15529T), or the Giant Coin Set (TB20588T), which includes over 750 coins in a clear tote box.

Explore these and many other money teaching tools at Nasco’s Math website. Questions on any of our products? Feel free to call our friendly Customer Service Center at 1.800.558.9595, or visit our website



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