Get Your Baking On!

The Holidays are coming! Time for celebration and family – and baking. Why not let Nasco’s Family and Consumer Science Catalog help you with your gourmet ideas?

Of course we have the basics — OXO® Good Grips Silicone Spatula Set (WA31110)High-Heat Silicone Blue Spatula Set  (WA29373), Stainless Steel French Whip (WA05698),  Stainless Steel Measuring Cups and Spoons Set (WA21270), Snap Fit Measuring Set, (WA31276), OXO® Good Grips Balloon Whisk (WA31111),  Good Grips®Pastry Brushes Set of 2  (C31939N), or Silicone Brushes, set of 4 ( WA29409).

Nasco also carries the whole gamut of baking sheets, too, from T-fal AirBake® Mega Cookie Sheet (WA32695) and WearEver® Air-Bake® Ultra™ Baking Sheet (WA25828), to Wilton® Recipe Right® Round Cake Pans (WA24647) and Wilton® Performance Plus™ Square Cake Pan Set (WA28914).

But what about the fun stuff? The pans and decorating ideas that will make your holidays stand out this year? Not to worry – Nasco has everything you need to make your baking unique.

Bake the latest craze with a fun Cake Pops Kit (WA32145). You can buy the pieces individually as well (Cake Pop Pan, WA30187 or Cake Pop Sticks, WA31313). How about a 24-Cavity Tea Cake Pan (WA27676) that allows you to fill the center with sweets, a Mega Mini Fluted Pan (WA34807), or a Dimensions® Mini-Hearts Pan (WA23899) to share your love? We have a Chicago™ Metallic 3-Tier Cake Pan (WA27226) than makes four mini tiered cakes at a time. We also carry Mini Fluted Cake Pans (WA32689), Mini Loaf Pans (WA32690), Delectoval (oval-shaped) 48-cup Mini Muffin Pans (WA33516H), and Mini Doughnut Pans (WA31901) for your baking creations.

Ah…but what about the eternal cookie cutter shapes? No problem. We have a Betty Crocker® 101 Piece Cookie Cutter Set (WA29928) to satisfy all shape cravings, or a Round Cookie Cutter Set (WA30059) that cuts in sizes from an itty bitty 1” to a decent 3-1/2”. Mrs. Anderson’s Baking® Crinkle Cookie Cutters are also the rage, in shape of Stars (WA30060), Flowers (WA30061), Squares (WA30062), and Hearts (WA30063), or, if you’re up for it, the whole set (WA30075)! How about a cookie press? Try the  Wilton® Preferred Press Cookie Press with 12 Discs (WA25350H) for easy cookies.

for beautiful results. And cool off your baking creations on our Wilton® Recipe Right® Three-Tiered Cooling Rack (WA33507H) or Premium Non-Stick Cooling Rack Set of 2 (WA28456).

Then comes the fun part – decorating. Nasco has a number of easy-to-use, professional cake (and other products) decorating tools that put the finishing touches on your creations. We carry a Wilton® 48-Piece Decorating Set (WA31227), A 55-piece Master Tip Set (WA31891), Clear Piping Bags (WA31806, 14”, and WA31807, 21”), Disposable Decorating Bags (WA32340, 12”, plus 2 more sizes), or Nasco’s Cake Decorating Set (WA33011) which includes everything you need for cake decorating, including tips, couplers, icing bags, a flower nail, cake decorating comb, and a turntable with non-skid mat.

Need a few new ideas? Nasco has just what you need in the book department, too. Baking and Pastry: Mastering Art and Craft (WA33501) teaches you principles and techniques of baking and deserts. Ans Learn how to decorate baked goods using the I Taught Myself™ Kit – Cookies (WA33262H.

Enjoy your Holiday celebrations! And as Marie Antoinette (never) said – Let Them Eat Cake!


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