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9 reasons to stay hydrated

All you hear during the summer are moms telling their kids to “stay hydrated!” With all the summer sports and running around kids do, it’s easy to sweat the water out of their bodies. But did you know hydration is important for adults too?

Getting enough to drink is important no matter what your age or activity level. Staying hydrated helps the body in so many ways. According to the Natural Society website there are plenty of reasons that staying hydrated is so important.

Among them are:

  • Combat Fatigue – Water is one of the most important sources of energy for your body. It helps cells complete important enzymatic activities that contribute to good sleep, restoration of bodily systems, and the production of ample energy to get you through your day.
  • Reduce High Blood Pressure – When the body is fully hydrated, the blood is approximately 92% water. This helps to keep the blood moving freely through the veins and arteries, helping to prevent high blood pressure along with other cardiovascular ailments.
  • Halt Allergies and Asthma – When the body is dehydrated, it creates more histamines – organic nitrous compounds which help to regulate our immune response. If we have too many histamines circulating, we will feel congested and have difficulty breathing, along with other allergic reactions caused by the body’s response to foreign bodies.
  • Reduce Acne, Dermatitis, Psoriasis, and Premature Aging of the Skin – With proper hydration, the skin practically glows. Without it, our skin cannot properly rid itself of toxins and so it becomes irritated, inflamed, and congested, causing a host of unsavory results ranging from itching, blackheads, redness, acne, and general blotchiness.
  • Stop High Cholesterol – When the body hasn’t had enough water, it will start to produce more cholesterol so that cells can still function properly.
  • Eliminate Digestive Disorders – A well-hydrated body simply purges toxins and metabolic wastes better. Water can help eliminate and reduce the incidence of ulcers, bloating, gas, gastritis, acid reflux, IBS, and constipation.
  • Flush Out Unwanted Bacteria from the Bladder and Kidneys  People who are well hydrated experience less frequent bladder or kidney infections since water helps to flush out any unwanted microbes that try to accumulate in these eliminative organs.
  • Speed Up Joint and Cartilage Repair – Most of the padding in our cartilage is made up of water, so if we don’t drink enough of it, our bones will feel stiff and our joints will take a beating. Joint repair after workouts or injuries is also expedited by proper hydration.
  • Slow the Aging Process – All of our organs require copious amounts of water to function properly. If we stay dehydrated for long stretches, every cell, organ, and system in the body has to work harder, which means we will age faster. Drinking enough water literally keeps you feeling, looking, and acting younger.

You should also never consider sweet juices, soda, tea, or coffee as substitutes for pure water. They simply won’t hydrate you as well. Sugar and salt as well as caffeine dehydrate the body. Keep it simple. Keep it water. Keep that water bottle filled at work and on the go.

Your body will thank you for it.

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