What’s the Healthcare Catalog All About?

Have you ever wondered what Nasco’s Healthcare division is all about?

For more than 48 years Nasco has been dedicated to the development of highly specialized skills trainers and simulators to help with medical education at all levels. Nasco has developed some key relationships with high-quality manufacturers to bring you the newest and most professional products. We also manufacture realistic Life/form® anatomically correct manikins and simulators that are fully functional in the specific techniques they teach.

Our Healthcare products span many different categories, specializing in products for many different needs. Here are some of our offerings:

In the Skills Training field, Nasco has trainers for heart and lung sounds, arrhythmia and sound simulation, tracheostomy, spinal injections, catheterization, ostomy care, injections and venipuncture, suturing, and taking blood pressure, along with trainers for wound care and bandaging. We carry the Arrhythmia TUTOR along with modules that provide different heart and breath sounds. Nasco also carries an entire line of Demo Dose®, simulated medications for nurse and pharmaceutical training.

Our Patient Care section covers all kinds of nursing skills training. Our patient manikins have varying ages and conditions, including seniors, pediatrics, infants, and micro-preemies. We have simulation suits that replicate edema, obesity, and lymphedema. Nasco also carries different levels of Life/form® GERi™ (geriatric) and KERi™ (non-age-specific) manikins and accessories. Our Patient Care section is also home to Simulaids® ALEX, the first patient communication simulator.

Our Examination section is devoted to simulators and manikins for breast and testicle examination, including charts and posters that teach patients how to self-examine.

Our Specialized area provides manikins for unique situations including nerve blocks, ultrasound examinations, bone marrow biopsy, ear diagnostics, dental procedures, and circumcision trainers.

And our OB-GYN Section provides an entire line of obstetrics and gynecology simulators including special problem infants, female birthing simulators, Simulaids® SMART MOM, fetal models, episiotomy simulators, gynecological simulators, and Nasco’s Ready-or-Not Tot® infant trainers.

Moulage kits help nurses, first responders, and first aid specialists deal with actual wounds and cuts. Our Moulage section includes nursing and casualty kits, skin wounds and burns, and an entire section of individual wounds and sores.

Emergency measures can be dealt with in our Emergency Simulation section. We carry manikins and trainers that include advanced airway management, intraosseous infusion, EGC simulation, defibrillation, CPR, auscultation, and more for adults, children, and infants.. Emergency Simulation is also the home of Simulaids® I.A.F.F. Rescue Randy, designed with the help of the International Association of Fire Fighters.

Our Basic Life Support section includes manikins and trainers that help with CPR; AED; and choking for adults, children, infants, and preemies. Training manikins include the popular Basic Buddy®, Baby Buddy®, and CPR Prompt®. We also carry life support dog manikins for emergency training.

Our final Healthcare section, Anatomy, is filled with models, kits, and charts that help students understand the functions of the human body. It includes inflatable lung kits, fat and muscle replicas, lungs and inner organ models, brain and heart models, teaching torsos, and skeletal models including full body, skull, spinal columns, and more.

There are many new and exciting changes taking place. Nasco offers unsurpassed quality products at affordable prices. We are committed exclusively to providing you with the finest training products available. Contact us any time for your medical training needs – either by phone 1-888-558-9595 or on our website  nascohealthcare.com.



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