Custom Kits made to your specifications

Have you ever known exactly what kinds of activities and experiences you want to integrate in your classrooms but can’t figure out how to make the time you need to find and organize the materials to make it happen? Have you thought about ways to refresh your curriculum with more experiential learning, but get overwhelmed by the number of places you need to go to find the tools to bring the experiences to life? Have you invested in various components that explain your topic but don’t know how to integrate them into one project?

Many curriculums are integrating hands-on approaches to learning. They include projects that get students involved from the beginning to the end, from creation to fruition. Often these hands-on projects involve putting multiple pieces together to form the basis for future learning experiences.

With the development of makerspaces and other cross-curriculum opportunities, teachers are looking for new ways to combine subjects by presenting learners with real life challenges. It is not enough for students to learn processes merely by reading about them – teachers want their students to learn the “how” of things first hand.

What better way to get hands-on than with custom classroom kits?

Using custom kits in the classroom lets you develop critical thinking, problem solving, and socialization with materials that fit your curriculum, your testing requirements, and your budget while encouraging students to work together on projects you design specifically for your classroom. Kits allow you to standardize the resources available in your classrooms, while providing only those materials you plan to use with the time you have to meet your educational standards.

Consumable and non-consumable materials can be identified up front to make planning for next year easier and more time efficient. Almost all of the parts in a kit can be used year after year, saving you time and money and the hassle of collecting new parts. All you would need to replace are disposable components when needed.

This is where Nasco can help.

From concept through selection, our category experts will work with you to create your customized education solution. We work with you to identify the right classroom materials among our vast stock of items. If we do not have a particular product, we’ll work with our network of suppliers to help you find what you need. We put together the list and price for your approval. We support you with ideas for organizing year one while identifying consumables so you can make plans for funding and sustaining the program.

After you place your order, we purchase, package, and ship your kits so you can focus on professional development instead of chasing missing materials. We pack your kits individually with care and precision so you get just what you ordered.

 Letting Nasco source and assemble your materials leaves you more time to do what you really want to do – teach and interact with your students.

To learn more or to order a custom kit please contact Rhonda Hutchison at or 1.920.568.5509, or take a look at our Custom Education Kits page on our website for further information.

Remember – if you can dream it, we can build it!



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