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In today’s ever-changing educational environments being a teacher has become something much bigger than teaching alone. Your primary goal is to educate students and set them on a path to lifelong success, but when you started this journey, did you ever imagine how much more it would be? Learning to balance the ups and downs of your profession, as well as the emotional toll it can sometimes take, is what sets you apart from those who didn’t choose the teaching life—and that’s why your stories are the primary focus of this series.

Because YOU are a class act.

We hope you’ll follow along as Nasco Education’s charismatic customer success manager, Kris Bakke, interviews real educators and real leaders in the education field. Through this collaboration, we hope you continue to learn and grow as peers. In Class Acts with Kris we want to share your best moments in teaching, but we also want to understand your methods, your struggles, your triumphs and, most importantly, the incredible lessons you’ve learned along the way. You are a teacher, and it’s your strength and unwavering determination that helps shape future generations—and that is why we’re here—because you are a true class act.

Meet Stephanie Nelson

In the first installment of our series, Kris sits down with second grade teacher, Stephanie Nelson of Lincoln Elementary in Whitewater, Wisconsin. Stephanie, or Stevie as she’s known to her peers, is a third-year teacher who loves networking and sharing ideas with other educators. In this heart-warming interview Stephanie shares her story of what motivated her to become a teacher, how she’s learned to balance the emotional side of the profession, as well as her thoughts on today’s technology and the importance of hands-on learning in the classroom. 

More about Kris Bakke:

Kris began her journey with Nasco Education as the art sales director in 2004. Over the years Kris has built a long-standing, trusted relationship with educators around the country and, through her role at Nasco Education, she fell in love with teachers and all they do to impact the lives of students everyday. Kris’s vision for this series is to highlight amazing teachers who do what they do simply because it’s who they are.

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