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Creativity doesn't wait for the perfect moment.

These are difficult times, no doubt. Each day presents new worries and challenges, but as we navigate the new and uncharted territories of remote working and learning, one thing has become abundantly clear—we’re getting there, and we’re getting there together.

Finding ways to keep kids engaged and learning away from the screen has been a challenge for teachers and parents alike. This is why now, more than ever, creative activities are so important—not only for effective learning, but also for emotional stability in these uncertain times. There is no bad time to be creative, and there is no bad time to set your worries aside to make something fun and amazing. After all, creativity is all about exploring, inventing, and finding new ways to bridge the gap between what we know and what we see. So, if you’re looking for a little inspiration to get the creative juices flowing, we’ve pulled together a collection of ideas, resources, and helpful tips to help you get started …

No materials? … No problem.

Are you looking for projects to do at home that require no art materials at all? Here’s a great video tutorial on the Found Objects Color Wheel from teacher Sarah Krajewski of Cambridge Elementary School in Cambridge, WI.

Want to try something fun with social media? Try recreating your favorite work of art! The Nasco Education Art team took up the challenge, and we’d LOVE to see yours too! Tag us in your posts or post your creations on our Nasco Art Education Facebook or Instagram pages. We’ll select a winner to receive a fun surprise! And, don’t forget to use at least one of the following hashtags: #recreateart, #challenge, #artchallenge, #artrecreation, #getcreative

Projects using minimal materials

Looking for lessons you can accomplish using minimal materials? Give these a try …

Line Designs into Sculpture Lesson Plan
This lesson can be achieved with only a marker, crayon, or pencil and some paper, glue or tape.

Paper Collage Lesson Plan
Have some paper, glue and scissors? If so, you’re ready to make a paper collage!

Octahedrons Lesson Plan
All you need to make an Octahedron is some paper and a scissors!

Try some fun projects from Devon Calvert and see even more projects from Mr. Calvert’s Art Room!

Looking for more?

Follow us on Facebook where Nasco Art Education’s Customer Engagement Manager, Kris Bakke, shares tutorials and LOTS more fun, creative and original ideas!

Quick and easy kits

We know it’s difficult to reach your students right now, and we also know some students might not have easy access to basic art materials. That’s why we’ve put together affordable, pre-packaged kits designed for individual creative learners. These kits can be easily distributed through meal delivery programs or other distribution programs currently in place, so let’s keep the creativity flowing—for everyone!

Elementary Basic Art Kit 1

Elementary Basic Art Kit 1

This affordable kit, filled with Elementary Art basics, is a great take-home creativity starter for distance learning, summer school, or after school programs.

Elementary Basic Art Kit 2

Elementary Basic Art Kit 2

Same components as Nasco’s Basic Elementary Art Supplies Kit, plus a watercolor set. Cost-effective art supplies for distance learning at home, summer school, or after-school programs.

Secondary Basic Art Supply Kit 1

Secondary Basic Art Supply Kit 1

Economical take-home art kit for middle and high school students works perfectly for learning at home, summer learning programs or project work that has to be finished at home or outside of school hours.

Secondary Basic Art Supply Kit 2

Secondary Basic Art Supply Kit 2

Budget-friendly, take-home art kit for middle and high school students works perfectly for distance learning or summer learning programs. Also great for project work that has to be finished outside of school hours.

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