3D printed headbands

Teachers use 3D printers to create more comfortable masks for local healthcare workers

Because we could all use a little good news, we wanted to share this awesome story about teacher Jessica Woolmington and her amazing colleagues at F.K. White Middle School in Lake Charles, LA …

Seeing an overwhelming need for additional masks for local healthcare professionals during the COVID19 pandemic, Jessica and her fellow teachers recently began sewing masks. But, after about a week of doing so, the group began receiving feedback about sore ears and bruising due to the tight elastic straps on the masks. Responding quickly, Jessica recalled seeing a recent Facebook post of a young man who created a new, more comfortable strap using a 3D printer. The young man shared his design with the group and the school STEM teacher, Tiffany Schatz, reached out to Jessica with the idea of using the school 3D printers to help fulfill orders for the newly-designed straps.

Now, along with the help of additional teachers, Jennifer Ardoin and Jose Cobain, the group has successfully printed and delivered over 300 straps and will  continue printing hundreds more! … THANK YOU Jessica, Tiffany, Jennifer and Jose for your amazing efforts!! YOU are truly making a difference!

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