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Why live lessons are great for teachers and students

All of education is full force into virtual learning, right? Whether it’s by choice or by necessity, teachers and students at every level have been figuring out the best and most effective ways for learning online. There’s all sorts of techniques and approaches, but one of the trends that’s here to stay is live lessons. Though live lessons aren’t necessarily the answer all the time, they can really be effective in the right situation and moment. Here’s some of the benefits gained from this type of learning …

They keep students engaged. 

You’ll find no shortage of pre-recorded lessons or educational videos targeting teachers these days, but there’s something different about tuning into a live class. Some of it might be psychological, but knowing the person on the other side of the screen is live does make a difference. When you sign your class up for a live lesson, you can help set the scene for students by treating it as you would a live, in-person lesson. Put it on the calendar and even talk it up to get students excited. When it’s time for the live class, be sure to show up on time and set classroom expectations. Students might actually forget the lesson is live, so be sure to remind them a few times so they’ll be in the right frame of mind to listen and learn. 

Live lessons help keep students engaged.

They give educators a break. 

Teachers are being asked to do so much more these days, and it’s challenging to find a good work-life balance. Live lessons are a small, but very important, way to make an educator’s life just a little bit easier. Whether you need to get some other things done during the lesson, or just want to watch and give yourself a mental break, teachers can really benefit from a little downtime. Don’t feel guilty about signing your class up for a live lesson. It’s a great opportunity for your students, and it’s needed support for you. As long as you lay the groundwork for your students on how you expect them to behave during the lesson, it should be a good break time for you. Allow yourself to take it! 

Live lessons are a small way to make an educator’s life just a little bit easier.

They take students to new, amazing places. 

Live lessons are getting bigger, better, and cooler than any of us could’ve imagined. Sure, there’s options that cover regular subject lessons and standards. But there’s also incredible opportunities for your students to virtually travel to new places and learn from amazing educators and experts. NascoEducate.com has lots of on-demand and live options. The platform makes it easy to assign students content and it offers thoughtful, engaging lessons to go with it. Your school can even take advantage of the many PD opportunities, which are a great way to bring staff together around a central theme. 

Live and virtual lessons take students to new, amazing places.

They are part of our future. 

It’s been a challenging year, but there’s also been a few silver linings to all we’ve learned. One of these is how we’ve managed to keep things going through the power of technology. So many educators are learning new approaches and techniques as part of their daily routine. This has been tough and painful for many, but students are living in a digital age, so the future of education has already begun. Whether it’s a snow day or just an opportunity to have a different kind of learning experience, live lessons are a great option. By figuring out how to utilize them now, and by giving students great experiences, we’re all going to benefit in the long run. 

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Why live lessons are great for teachers and students

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