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Paint care tips for your art classroom

With tight budgets, you want to make sure that the art supplies you purchase for your classroom last as long as possible. You can avoid wasting paint or reducing its quality by following the paint care tips below. With these easy steps, you’ll get the most out of every bottle of paint you purchase.  

Acrylic and tempera paint care tips

  1. Always store paint in a cool, dry place. Extreme temperatures, such as freezing or above 120 degrees Fahrenheit, can cause pigment settling and viscosity changes that may make the paint unusable. 
  1. Opened paint containers should be used within six months. Unopened paint containers may be stored for up to two years. If opened at the end of the shelf life (two years), the paint should be used as quickly as possible. 
  1. Cross-contamination of paint can cause it to degrade and spoil. By following these steps, if contamination occurs, only a small amount of paint will be lost, not the entire container. 
  • Pour the amount of paint you want to use into smaller, resealable containers, such as these or these, which you can also buy in a no-spill format. Be sure to use fresh water to clean your brushes when working out of the smaller containers. 
  • Do not pour used paint back into the original container. 
  • Do not dilute the paint in the original container. 
  • Do not dip brushes or other applicators into the original container. 
  1. Always be sure to close the cap or lid tightly after each use and to permanently remove and dispose of any seal on the container or in the cap or lid.

Now that you have paint care tips to make sure you can make your paint last, find out the best way to care for your paint brushes in “The best way to wash paint brushes (and store them too).” 

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