Cookie capers

Vol. 23 | Gr. 6-8 | U27944
Materials list
A Baker’s Dozen DVD, #1 Getting Started/#8 Eggs/ #13 Creaming (WA25733)
• Download/print from
• How to Wash Hands Educator Resource
• Keeping Food
• Baking Certificate
• Cooking Skills Checklist Educator Resource
• Cookie Capers Recipe: Chocolate Chip Cookies Sheet (included)
• Cookie Capers Recipe: Chocolate Chip Cookies Answer Key (included)
• Foods Lab Planning Sheet (included)
• Cookie Capers Score Card (included)
• Cookbooks/Internet recipe sites
• Measuring cups and spoons
Digital electronic kitchen scale for portion weight and package net weight (WA25830)
• Mixing bowls and equipment
• Cookie ingredients
• Cookie sheets
• Chocolate chip cookie package labels for ingredient and net weight examples
• Bags or containers for storing/delivering cookies
Optional: A Baker’s Dozen Baking Labs Curriculum (WA27798), appendix p. 199, Create a Food Label Worksheet