Egyptian scarab pendants

Vol. 38 | Gr. 3-6 | U19378
Materials list
Sculpey® Polymer Clay, 6-lb. Classroom Set (9725936)
Sculpey® Classic Multi-Pack, 2-oz. bars (optional) (9719130)
Sculpey® Bright Multi-Pack, 2-oz. bars (optional) (9719133)
Sculpey® Naturals Multi-Pack, 2-oz. bars (optional) (9719134)
Bamboo skewers, pencils, or toothpicks (9706480)
Drinking straws (9723620)
Hygloss Metallic Paper, 24 sheets, 81/2″ x 10″ (9738055)
Nasco Bucket O’ Beads and Charms (9718093)
Scissors (9726127)
Glue sticks or spray adhesives (SB41163)
Gold spray paint [9731728(B)]
Pearl Ex pigments (optional) (9725759)
Yarn, carpet warp, or beading wire (9710350)
Black waxed cord [6500408 (A)]
Sculpey® Modeling Tools (9730685)
• Images of scarabs and Egyptian jewelry/art