Vol. 114 | Gr. 4-12 | U27868
Materials list
Pure White Polyester Stuffing, 1-lb. bag (8500234) or recycled plastic shopping bags
Never-Rust™ Aluminum Armature Wire, 14 gauge (9731955) or wire clothes hangers
Economy Pliers with Diagonal Cutters (0400734)
Masking Tape, 1″W x 60-yd. roll (9701126)
Fabric Squares, pkg. of 36, 12″ x 12″ (9730542), old clothing cut into strips, and/or Smart Fab® Disposable Art and Decoration Fabric, white, 48″ x 40-ft. roll (9730090[A]) cut into approx. 4″ x 48″ strips
• Yarn Assortment (4500402 or 3500325)
Mini Impact Goggles (SA05431) or goggles borrowed from science room in school