Solar energy: Design and engineer

Vol 6 | Gr. 6-8 | U28053
Materials list
Solar Bottle Boat Class Kit (SB53392)
Solar Powered Bottle Boat Kits (SB40881) – 1 kit for each small group of 2-4 students
• Two 16-18 oz. recycled plastic bottles with caps for each group
• Various other 16-18 oz. recycled plastic bottles (students can use these when making modifications)
School Works!® Safety Point Scissors – 7″ (9729183)
Electrical tape, 3/4″ x 60′ (SB50541)
Heavy-duty awl (to poke holes in the bottles) (9723871)
Kiddie pool or Raingutter Regatta® (NA10268) filled with water
• Diving Into Energy worksheet
• Laminated troubleshooting sheet for each group
All-purpose digital stopwatch (TB14784)
Nasco budget yardstick (9704372)
• Race sheet (included)
• A sunny day (preferably close to noon with little to no wind)
• 1 set of laminated step-by-step directions for each group (You’ll provide these if you are utilizing Modification 4 in Activity 1)
• Painting supplies: Brushes (9727731) Acrylic paint [9714725 (A-Z)] Paint cups (9729701)