Strawberry DNA extraction activity

Volume 1 | Gr. 3-12 | U25432
strawberry dna extraction activity
Materials list
Strawberry DNA Extraction Kit (SB50009)
• 15 ml plastic tube
• 50 ml plastic tubes
• Test tube rack
• Plastic funnel
• Gauze/cheesecloth
• Zip-close plastic bags
• Strawberries/bananas/ kiwi fruit (fresh or frozen, fruit not included)
• Stirring rod (or coffee stirrers)
• 91% isopropyl (rubbing) alcohol
• 25 ml plastic graduated cylinder
• 2 ml dropper/transfer pipette
• Extraction buffer**
• Liquid dish washing soap
• Salt

**Extraction buffer is simply a mix of 100 ml of Dawn® dish soap, 900 ml of water, and 1-2 grams of table salt. Mix but avoid bubbles. Try not to make more than a week before the activity, and keep refrigerated. It has some shelf life, but will degrade over time.