Exploring circuitry and electronics with E-Blox

Learn about the amazing E-Blox Circuitry Blox platform! The LED building blocks contain electronic components that allow students to build colorful creations and explore circuitry.

Each set includes access to an online library of NGSS-aligned curriculum, including teacher guides, lesson plans, and quizzes.

Shop all E-Blox sets:
Sound Machine and Radio Student Set: https://www.enasco.com/p/NE30236
Glowing LED FM Radio Student Set: https://www.enasco.com/p/NE30237
Fan Launch Light Show Student Set: https://www.enasco.com/p/NE30235
Sound Activated Dancing Lights Student Set: https://www.enasco.com/p/NE30232
Eco Fidget Lights Student Set: https://www.enasco.com/p/NE30234
Flying Saucer Student Set: https://www.enasco.com/p/NE30233
Circuit Blox™ 800 Classroom Set: https://www.enasco.com/p/Z52176