Maker Monday art lesson: Quilling self-portrait

Join Nasco Education’s Kris Bakke as she talks with art teacher Sarah Shearman, who walks you through an engaging quilling lesson. When you recreate this lesson in your classroom, students will learn about the intricate art of folding paper to create quills. They will then use them like Impressionistic brush strokes to paint a self-portrait.

Grades 9–12

Students will:

  • Draw an enlarged self-portrait using a grid
  • Demonstrate skills using a precision knife to cut paper strips for quilling
  • Fold and roll paper strips to create tight quills
  • Create tints, tones, and shades by folding paper to create blended colors
  • Create form by gluing paper on its end to follow the planar structure of facial features


“Quilling self-portrait” lesson plan

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