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Unusual art forms

An art form is not only the specific shape or quality an artistic expression takes, but also the way the creation affects others. Art teachers are familiar with these new wave forms that pop up now and then, but how many do you know?

Sticky note art

Sticky notes have become a dynamic medium for artistic expression. Available in every color of the rainbow, sticky notes offer a beautiful array of color and contrast for any artist. These creations can range from desktop size to covering an entire wall. The uniform square shape translates well to creating pixilated-like portraits. (Just think of what you could do with a pack of 12- or 24-color Post-It® Notes!)

Sand animation art

As an art form that cannot be preserved, sand animation is extremely interesting and unique. Sand art eventually disappears and evolves within mere moments. An artist creates a series of images by drawing lines and figures in sand. Using an overhead projector or light board to display their art within the sand, their work is in constant movement and is, therefore, animated. The audience watches as the images take shape, become masterpieces, and eventually get swept away into something new.



Simply put, fumage is a way of painting with smoke. Originating in the 1900s, fumage is a technique that many famous artists have employed. An artist uses the smoke from the flame of a candle, match, or kerosene lamp to develop different impressions upon a surface.


Sound art

Sound art is art that uses sound both as its medium (what it is made out of) and as its subject (what it is about). It is a contemporary art form that focuses on aural stimulation. Instead of interesting the eyes, like traditional painting, sound art uses music, produced sounds, and sound technology to create an artistic experience in listening and hearing.


Similar to the technique of tie dying, batik is an ancient form of textile coloring involving natural dyes and wax. An artist applies wax on the areas of cloth they don’t want color to appear. The cloth is then soaked in dye, where color adheres to all areas of the fabric that do not have wax on them. Batik fabrics have been wildly popular both as clothing and as fine art. (We have a fun do-it-yourself Batik Kit, too!)

Futuristic art

As technology continues to develop and expand, everyday more and more material is becoming outdated. Artists collect this material and make it into something new. These artists use computer parts and electronic equipment to design creative and unique sculptures. Futuristic art gives new existence to old and outdated pieces, rendering them once again meaningful and alive.

Food art

There are many forms of food art that involve taking objects you would not be traditionally thought of as art and transforming them in to creative masterpieces. Food art involves creating works of art by painting, carving, and cutting fruits and vegetables. (Instead of carving a fruit or vegetable, have your students make a picture out of food such as Cheerios, nuts, candy corn, sunflower seeds, pretzels, raisins, dried noodles, and any other dry, non-perishable food item.)

Rock sculptures

An art form involving ordinary natural objects, rock sculptures are thought to physically and metaphorically represent balance and stability. Artists take rocks and stones and arrange and stack them in an artful and majestic ways. Rock sculptures are forms of interactive and installation art.

Scratchboard art

Scratchboard art is a form of direct engraving where the artist scratches off dark ink to reveal a white or colored layer beneath. Scratchboard refers to both a fine-art medium, and an illustrative technique using sharp knives and tools for engraving into a thin layer of white China clay that is coated with dark, often black India ink. (Nasco has a fun Lesson Plan using scratchboard: Engraving Art Portraits along with all the materials you need.)


This technique of drawing images can only be fully understood from a specific point or angle. In some cases, the correct image will only appear if viewed through a mirror. Anamorphosis artworks look a particular way face on, yet change drastically when you move to the left or right.

Nasco is an active supporter of the Arts, and we have everything you need to create your own new art form. Our Arts and Crafts catalog is waiting for you!

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